Dance teams

Rivington Morris

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Rivington Morris is based in Bolton, Lancashire. The team was formed in 1977 and thus are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year!  Rivington Morris is proud to continue the living tradition of North West Morris dancing.  They dance a mixture of traditional dances collected from within the North West together with some dances written by team members.  Rivington’s band utilises a combination of the instruments which traditionally accompany North West Morris, including melodeon, fiddle, whistle and drum.

Their dance kit is colourful incorporating bright red, purple and white.

These demure cultured women dance out at a variety of events from Folk Festivals to local processional Carnivals in Lancashire. Pouring rain or blazing hot sunshine and all other weather conditions in between – Rivington keeps on dancing!

The team are delighted to be back in Todmorden once again!


Gaorsach Rapper


Turning it clockwise since 2002: Gaorsach Rapper are a rapper, step, & clog dance team from Aberdeen making a return for their second Todmorden Folk Festival.


Hexadaisy Morris

Hadrain Clog
Based in the Tyne Valley, we are a dance group performing traditional clog and hard shoe dances from the North East of England and beyond!
Persephone Women’s North West Morris

persephone morris copy

The team are a North West (old Lancashire and Cheshire areas of England) Processional Morris side in a very distinctive kit where black predominates adding yellow and green as noticeable contrasts.

The style is vigorous and precise, the side earning accolades and appreciation from both general and knowledgeable audiences


oakenhoof copy 2

Our favourites, our regulars, our locals. Stars of last year’s Saturday night epic at the Unitarian. Oakenhoof are inclusivity at its very best. Clogs, music, morris, rapper, they’ve got it all!

Ryburn Longsword


Ryburn Longsword have been dancing together since 1994. Some of their dances are traditional and come from villages across Yorkshire; others have been created by members of the group. Most of the members live in the Ryburn Valley near Halifax in West Yorkshire. The dancers wear a distinctive velvet tunic with applique panels showing scenes or animals from the Ryburn Valley.


Bollin Morris

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Bollin Morris are a mixed Morris team performing Border Morris, based at the Spread Eagle in Lymm, Cheshire. We perform some traditional dances from the counties that border wales, some dances created by other teams and some we have choreographed ourselves. The costumes are mainly blues and greens to represent the river Bollin. The team was first formed in 1976 as a revival of the Altrincham Morris team.


Thieving Magpie


We are a mixed border morris side who like dancing, waving big sticks about and yelling. We sing as well. We were formed in 2006 and ages range from 6 to 71.


More to come!