Coffee and Cake Pop-up at Coffee 22 – 10am

Brian Acton

Brian in an internationally touring musician, best known to many up and down the valley as a music teacher. If it has strings, he can play it and make it sound good. His band ‘The Black Sheikhs’ are a firm fun time favourite, where he is lead on guitar and stand out vocals.

Community Pop-up at Tod Market Hall – 1.40pm

Music for the Many with Daniel Bath

Local musician and composer, Daniel Bath, with a group of volunteers has recently established Music For The Many; a new charitable trust that will offer equal opportunities in music education to the children of Todmorden.

The charity recognizes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to play music, if they want to, regardless of their social or economic background. But without access to instruments or professional tuition, many children in Todmorden will miss this opportunity.  “Music for the Many” hopes to bridge this gap by offering donated and reconditioned instruments and free tuition to children who would like to take up the offer.   The charitable trust will cover the expense of tuition removing any financial obstacles to participation in the scheme.

Music For The Many is currently being piloted at St. Joseph’s Primary School where over 20 children have already signed up for the scheme.  We are delighted to announce that the children involved in the project have been invited to perform at the Todmorden Folk Festival 2018.

Coffee and cake Pop-up at Little Bird – 2pm

Rum Doodle

Rum Doodle are a folk roots acoustic duo from Leeds. Martin & BB Tim play mostly their own original songs with influences as broad as Christy Moore & The Dubliners to Bob Dylan & Neil Young. A lot of the material draws it’s inspiration from these Islands we live in, be it about our wonderful heritage and different languages to growing up besides the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. But most important is the CRAIC.

Pop-up concert at Site Pizzeria – 6pm

Amanda Fasciani

After a long hiatus from the music scene, Singer-songwriter and producer FASCIANI, finally has got off her comfy chair and threw away the slippers.

She’s back in the studio, taking inspiration from the likes of PJ Harvey, Siouxie and the Banshees, Lamb, Depeche mode, 80’s new wave even Taylor Swift, Adding overtones of Alternative and a smattering of Electronic she’s raring to go. Welcome back…. FASCIANI

Also at Site Pizzeria – 6.45pm

Paul threads dark humour through his songs, telling tales of romance, misadventure, shopping and regrettable life choices. He has played with a discerning selection of bands over the years including Mr. Wilson’s Second Liners and Lunar Coup, but sometimes…it’s just nice to play on your own

Pop-up Concert at Three Wise Monkeys – 6.30pm


The band Soma brings together four colourful musicians from very different backgrounds.

Between them, they have experience in many traditions. East European song, jazz, English folk, Afro-Cuban rhythm, psychedelic rock, blues, shamanism, paganism, middle Eastern frame drumming… they have done it all.

They formed Soma in 2016 with a passion to explore and celebrate connection: between individuals… traditions… mind and body… people and earth.

This is fusion at its best: the bringing together of disparate elements to create something fresh, magical, without preconceptions. Music which is more than the sum of its parts. Music to gladden the spirit. So, read on and meet the band…


1 month ago
Manchester Folk Festival

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Janet Russell - Old Woman Is Watching

Just found this beautiful video from Janet Russell -

From her album 'Gathering the Fragments,' which can be purchased from Harbourtown Records Neither music nor images belong ...

1 month ago

We're so excited to be making this fantastic theatre our new Sunday night concert venue for the brilliant Colbalt Tales and the incomparable Martin Simpson... Todmorden Hippodrome!

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